Sunday, 23 April 2017

Treating Melasma Vitiligo Hypo-pigmentation And Hyper-pigmentation

Since your skin is the largest organ in the body that covers all the other organs is the first thing people see when they look at you. 

Unfortunately, no matter how good our skin looks, it is always subjected to damage from wear and tear due to side effects caused by the toxins that we come across on a daily basis not forgetting the harsh climatic conditions. 

For this reason, many individuals from all over the world are looking for ways of maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin. However, these individuals also face challenges caused by some unexpected skin conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, acne scars, birth marks, stretch marks from weight gain or loss as well as melisma a condition that we are going to address here in details. 

Melasma is a condition that attacks mostly women between ages 20 and 50 causing skin discolorations. In most cases, melisma attacks facial region making an individual develop bluish, brown or red patches on your face from forehead to the cheeks. Although this condition is not life threatening, it can make your life a living hell. It is easily noticeable thus you will not be comfortable around your colleagues making you live a miserable life. 

Melasma is known to be caused by hormonal imbalances especially the estrogen hormones that is why it affects women more than men.   However, men with certain skin types can also be affected by this embarrassing condition. 

Once melisma affects your skin you start having a dull complexion; you look tired and older than your age. This is the reason why you should take care of this problem as early as possible before your colleagues start avoiding you. If you notice early stages of melisma, you can end it before it advances by following the tips below. 

Stay away from direct sunlight

UV rays from direct sunlight and affected skin are not best friends. The direct sunlight tends to make melisma even worse by darkening the brown patches. In case you intend to spend some time outside in the sun since you cannot live indoors forever consider wearing protective gear such as a hat and sunglasses to keep away direct sunlight. An umbrella can also be helpful since it provides a bigger shade. These precautions do not help to fight melisma only but also other skin conditions such as sunburns, wrinkling, and melanoma.

Treat your skin with skin care creams

There are so many skin care creams that can help you restore your skin condition or even make it better, but the best are those from Tonique Skincare. Skin care creams will whiten the brown or dark patches allowing you to have an even skin tone. 

However, you should choose the right cream for your condition to avoid those creams that can worsen the condition. Skin lighteners from Tonique skin care have helped many individuals with melisma get an even skin tone thus you should expect the same great results. Tonique skin care products contain active ingredients such as koji acid and arbutin which inhibits melanin production thus giving you an even skin tone. 

To learn order tonique skin care products you just have to visit their official website and choose the right product for your skin from the available options. If you get stuck choosing the right product you can contact their team of beauty experts by sending an email to Remember to attach your recent photo so that the expert can recommend the right product depending on your skin type and condition.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Right Way To Use Anti Aging Products

There is no right way to use anything exactly, but there are some things you should know about your skin. Wrinkles are caused by the aging process, the skin losing elasticity, collagen production, drying out and starting to sag.

There are ways to combat the aging process, by improving the collagen production, giving vital vitamins and minerals to the skin and exfoliating off dead skin cells and encouraging new cell growth.

The thing is, there's no set time when to start taking care of your skin, it's a lifelong process. You need to eat well, exercise, avoid too much sun and chemical makeup and soaps.

It's important to choose well in what you put on your skin as there are some horror stories out there, many of them coming from the plastic surgery industry, as well as the beauty industry worldwide.

So Who Can You Trust?

Skin Renew is an American product, made by American company Tonique Skin Care, which has been in business for over a decade, selling skin care products including anti aging and skin lightening.

The Skin Renew collection has creams that contain mild amounts of lightening chemical and other active ingredients they used in their Tonique Skin Care lightening creams, because they found that these things made their customers look younger, as well as having an even skin tone.

Things like dark circles and crow's feet around the eyes can be combated with the Tightening & Color Correcting Under Eye Complex from Skin Renew.

There isn't one product that is for everyone, some would benefit from a mild toning cleanser, or some would benefit from an exfoliating retinol resurfacer. If you can't tell by the descriptions of the products which ones would be right for you, you can get in contact with the support team on the site.

They have a chat box and contact page, or you can send an email to or to ask about which of their products would be right for you. It may help to get the best personalized advice if you attach a recent photo of yourself.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Ways To Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery

There are many aging signs, that happen to just about everyone at some point in their life such as wrinkles, age spots or liver spots, varicose veins, sagging, dry, dead looking skin.

Luckily, we have learned a lot about how to treat these aging signs and in the twenty first century, we can turn back the clock by decades on your skin, just by using a cream, and without plastic surgery or botox.

Bare in mind that you should also consider eating well and living a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your new youthful look, but these creams can really work wonders.

What Creams?

The cream, or collection of anti aging creams I'm talking about is the Skin Renew collection, which contains proven anti aging ingredients such as retinol and hyalluronic acid, along with vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts and ancient herbal remedies, all combined in the most effective range of anti aging products ever.

The Skin Renew collection has specific products to treat specific aging signs, for example their Tightening & Color Correcting Under Eye Complex tightens your skin, helps to increase collagen production, helps to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells, and also helps to lighten the dark circles under your eyes at the same time!

It's basically a technological wonder of the twenty first century for treating "crow's feet" or the fine lines and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes. It simply makes you look younger, without injections or surgical instruments, and for a very affordable price.

There are many other products in the collection, such as the Total Repair Even Tone Whitening Night Cream, which encourages deep cellular regeneration, from the inside out. It works by preventing the loss of collagen and elastins, and also contains lightening ingredients to even out skin tone, with the end result being, you look younger.

Of course, that one costs five hundred dollars due to the ingredients used, for a bottle that will last you months, while there are other products like the Exfoliating Even Tone Anti Aging Cleanser, which only costs sixty.

It is true that you get what you pay for, but you can also get amazing results just from using that one once a day. If you need any help deciding which product to buy, why not get in contact with the experts at Skin Renew, (an American company, a division of Tonique Skin Care, based in Maryland USA), and start a conversation about the best course of action for your unique skin.

You can send an email to or you can visit the site by clicking on any of the links on this page and use the chat box or contact form. It's a good idea to attach a recent photo of yourself to get the best personalized advice.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Common Aging Mistakes

Would you like to maintain a tight and youthful skin complexion up to your 50s and beyond? Aging is something we cannot avoid, but we can manipulate our looks by delaying the development of aging signs. 

In today’s world no one likes walking around with a wrinkled, dry, sun bleached look, thus the reason the cosmetics industry have been flooded with products that manufacturers claim to renew your skin, and make you look younger. 

However, you may have been using anti aging products for a while but you are still frustrated for not getting results, as not all of them work the same way. Despite the use of the heavily advertised cosmetics products you still have problems with your skin. Here are a few mistakes that you could be making that might be responsible for your frustrations. 

Using the wrong products

We all know that the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollars industry with a lot of players both legitimate and illegitimate. In addition, with the current level of technology controlling the cosmetic market, it has become a nightmare trying to work out what really works, and what doesn't. 

The technology has made it easy for individuals to buy almost anything from every corner of the world, a factor that has given illegal vendors an opportunity to put their products in the market. 

You may have started by using a great product that used to give you great result but the products that you are using currently are black market products. Black market products usually resemble the original products but are not up to standard since they have not been manufactured by the original company. 

It is therefore important that you be cautious when buying your products to ensure that you have bought the right ones. To avoid being lured into buying poor products always ensure that you have bought your products from your vendors’ official channels. 

For instance, Skin Renew is an American company that deals with anti aging and skin lightening products, and they have a facotry direct outlet on their official website where you can safely buy your products without worrying about buying inferior knock offs.  

Over treating your skin

Is it possible to over treat your skin? This may seem to be impossible but it is a mistake that many women make. Over treating the skin involves factors such as over exfoliating the skin, even rubbing too hard with a wash cloth, which can end up damaging your live cells. 

Skin exfoliation involves the use of products such as this Exfoliating Even Tone Anti-Aging Cleanser manufactured by Skin Renew in order to get rid of the upper layer of dead cells and other accumulated compounds leaving behind only the live cells which makes the skin look fresh and young. 

Whenever you are using anti aging products it is advisable that you follow the instructions incorporated in the packaging to the letter to avoid making mistakes. It is also advisable that you enquire from a beauty expert in case of any issues that you do not understand. 

Skin Renew for instance has a support team composed of beauty experts who can give you personalised advice on how to go about treating your skin with the various anti aging creams and lotions on the site. 

To contact their support team you can send an email to or chat with a representative via the chat box available at It is also highly recommended that you attach a recent photo so that the support team can give you the best advice, to get the best possible results, a younger looking you.

Skin creams such as this Moisturizing Even Skin Toner and Tightening & Color Correcting Under Eye Complex just to mention a few, are some of the products from Skin Renew's online shop that work gradually to give amazing results, increased collagen production, tightened, toned, younger looking skin. 

To view more products from Skin Renew, visit the online shop and you will find it has all the products that can provide a good solution for renewing your skin and making you look years younger. After making your purchase you should wait for a few days to several weeks for your package to be delivered to your door step depending on your location in the world.