Monday, 25 April 2016

Choosing The Right Anti Aging Cream

As aging signs start to show up, every one starts looking for ways to tackle them to continue looking younger. Despite the existence of many different old remedies, the use of creams containing active ingredients proven to provide real results has been proven to the most efficient and safest way. 

However, you need to remember that the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and every person in the beauty industry is trying to have a rip from this rich market. 

The increasing demand for cosmetics has attracted both legitimate and illegitimate vendors thus calling for a great caution when buying your cosmetics products.

While there are creams on today’s market that can give you the results you were looking for, there are other products that pose a great threat to the health of your skin. Almost each and every company that sells beauty products claims to offer the best but unfortunately this is not always true. There are companies that make substandard products to reduce the cost of production so that they increase their profit margin. 

Buying substandard anti aging products is not just a waste of money, but the products may contain ingredients which can harm your skin instead of giving you the results you were looking for. 

To avoid buying harmful products you must always be cautious to ensure that you buy the right products for your skin, sold by a trustworthy company that has been around for a while, so that the customer's results are well known, and many reviews posted online. You need to ensure that you source your products from a legit company that has a great reputation. 

Quality Anti Aging Creams

Skin Renews is an American company selling safe and high-quality anti-aging creams as well as skin lightening products and general skin care creams. Skin renews is a side company of Tonique Skin Care, a company that has been in the beauty business for over two decades.

Having been in business for a long period has enabled Tonique to come up with products that are compatible with all types of skin. Millions and millions of individuals from every corner of the world have used Tonique skin care products without a complaint of any bad side effects. Therefore, this guarantees you that you can also get the results you are looking for by using their skin care creams to lighten, renew and revive your skin.

Chemicals To Look For 

When buying your skin products also remember to check the ingredients. The components of the skin care products usually determine how your skin will react with different types of creams. 

You should make enough effort and research to ensure that you buy the products that contain natural and safe ingredients. Look for ingredients such as retinol and niacinamide for anti aging, and arbutin, glycolic acid, and kojic acid for skin lightening since they have been proven to be safe as well as very safe when used on the skin, and can cover up many imperfections.

Chemicals To Avoid

Avoid products containing mercury and hydroquinone as their main ingredients since they can result in severe side effects. In fact, hydroquinone is so dangerous such that it has been known to cause a certain type of cancer in studies on rats, and can cause ochronosis, a thickening and bruising of the skin. 

Mercury, on the other hand, is believed to cause health problems such as memory lapse, and even kidney issues when used for a prolonged period, and some very low quality skin lightening products contain these, so it's important to choose an FDA approved product, which is best guaranteed by buying American made.

The other products to avoid are the black market products. Black market products usually resemble the real product but are normally put on the market by illegal vendors who want to make some money by selling fake products. The bad thing with black market products is that they are not subjected to any form of restriction; thus, they may not meet the required products. 

How To Buy Quality Skin Care Products

To avoid being misled by black market products always ensure that you buy your products from your suppliers’ official channel.  Skin Renews, for instance, has an official website where they sell their products direct to the public. 

The good thing with this brand is that their site is easy to navigate, and you can buy the products from anywhere in the world by credit card. If you get stuck on their site, or have any questions, you can contact the support team by sending an email to or chat with a representative via chat box on their website.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

How To Bleach Your Skin White At Home

There is a huge number of people who for various reasons would like to have a fair skin tone. If you would also like to have a lighter skin than you already have then the following information will be very useful to you.

First you need to know than having a light skin is not just possible but also accessible to everyone, even by average income earners in countries around the world. 

There are various methods and procedures out there which you can adopt to get a lighter skin, but some are very expensive for an ordinary person. 

However, this should not worry you since you can buy the skin lightening creams mentioned here that are very affordable and will also produce great results.

Most skin care creams and lotions are sold online thus you need to be very careful to ensure that you have gone for the right product, as anyone can sell anything online, from anywhere in the world. Unlike the creams recommended on this site, which are made by Tonique Skin Care, some other creams out there are not safe.

Here I am recommending Tonique Skin Care products since they are effective, safe and also affordable. The company is based in Maryland, USA, is fully FDA approved, and the products have been in use by thousands of satisfied customers around the world for over a decade. 

How It Works

Tonique's products contain arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid and sepiwhite FSH as the main active ingredients. These ingredients have been confirmed to be very effective and most important they are very safe since they have never been associated with any bad side effects.

If you have a fairly dark red, yellow or brown skin color, you need to apply skin lightening cream all over your body to get a uniform skin tone, while if you have an already light skin tone and just want to bleach a particular patch, you may be able to just use it on that area.

The rate at which your skin turns white depends on how you are going to apply the creams. This means that you can control how your skin lightens, if you increase the frequency of skin application then you will have a lighter skin and vice versa. 

If you stop applying the whitening creams, you will notice that your skin will start returning to its original color since new cells will grow to replace the old ones, and your skin will return to it's natural tone in a matter of weeks.

Where To Buy

Skin whitening creams are easily accessible online, for instance if you want to buy these products just visit their official site, and you will be able to make your purchase from anywhere in the world.

When making your purchase always ensure that you have bought your cream from the official site of your vendor. This will help you to avoid being conned by illegal sellers who sell fake products. 
There other companies who sell their products at a very high price so that they can make abnormal profits. 

These companies usually target the individuals who think that the best products have to be very expensive. However, you should also avoid very cheap products such as those sold in black markets since they might not give you the results you are looking for; I am sure your are familiar with the saying that states that sometimes cheap is expensive.

In case you are not comfortable with the skin whitening creams you can try out natural homemade remedies. This involves the use of natural products available in many households to treat your skin. Some of the natural products that have whitening effect when used treat skin includes lemon juice, turmeric, honey, sugar, almonds and olive oil among many others. 

You need to know that natural remedies are only suitable for simple skin treatment since they only have a mild whitening effect. It also takes very long for natural remedies to start showing results.

If you are on sensitive medication, or you have a sensitive skin, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before engaging in the use of any skin treatment creams. This will help you to know which creams are suitable for your skin and that ones are not good for you