Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bleaching Your Skin White

How To Bleach Your Skin White

This is a photo of famous pop star Beyonce, which clearly shows that she has undergone a skin bleaching treatment at some point during her career. 

She went from quite a dark skin tone to a very white skin tone, almost overnight, and I personally didn't even notice, until I saw this comparison shot. 

Many big stars have had this simple cosmetic procedure done, and not only for reasons of vanity. Michael Jackson for example, had hypo-pigmentation, a condition that leaves patches on the skin that have no pigment, and so he had to dye his whole body completely white, in order to make it look even. 

It's even more common in some Asian countries to whiten your skin for cosmetic reasons, and there are a lot more people than you would think who have used bleaching cream to cover up acne scars, freckles, birthmarks, age spots, pregnancy marks, and many other conditions. 

The key thing to get right if you want to bleach your skin white, is to use the right chemicals, in the right product. If you don't put on the right type of cream, it either won't work, or it will have harmful side effects. 

The other thing is you need to know how to use the cream in the right way, and get the right advice on applying it in a way that makes it produce results that are even, and that look good. 

The Best Skin Bleaching Cream

The best skin bleaching cream on the market is the one sold by Tonique Skin Care, because they use FDA approved chemicals, (glycolic acid and arbutin), and provide top quality expert support for each individual customer. 

They provide skin whitening tips, not just the cream, and that's what makes the difference between them and any other brand. 

There are different directions of use that should be followed by someone who has naturally light skin, and someone who has naturally dark skin for example. 

A person who just wants to cover up a liver spot on their arm and is very pale might require a different set of instructions to someone who wants to change their whole skin tone from head to toe, and has a darker skin color. 

It's quite easy to get in touch with the experts at Tonique, and even send them a photo of your individual skin, to get tips on whether you need a bleaching cream, and how it should be applied to your skin. 

Just click on the link above, or in the sidebar, and follow them until you reach the home page of 

Then you can send a message to to get in touch with the experts on skin whitening. Get the best advice, buy the highest quality, safest, most effective skin lightening products, and get the best bleaching results on your skin. 


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