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Skin Whitening Safety

Skin Whitening Safety

Whatever the reason you found this page, you obviously have concerns about the safety of skin whitening or skin bleaching generally, and you are right to do research on the subject. 

If you go to a doctor in the US, asking for help in making your skin whiter, you may be prescribed a cream containing hydroquinone, which has been found to have many harmful side effects

It's important to read that article, or let me just summarize it for you here. The cream being prescribed by doctors as a bleaching cream to people who have a skin condition like hypo-pigmentation can cause ochronosis, photo-sensitivity, nausea, and even hallucinations and death. 

By all means consult your doctor, but be aware that the average general practitioner is not an expert specifically in skin care, and they get most of their information about what it best to prescribe by the pharmaceutical companies. 

The best way to whiten your skin in a safe and effective way is with a non-prescription cream, containing any number of safer FDA approved ingredients such as arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, sepiwhite FSH, and even the garden variety ascorbic acid or vitamin C has some benefit in lightening skin tone, without any potentially deadly side effects. 

The only way to get good results that won't leave you with permanent skin damage is to find a non-prescription skin whitening cream, and the reality is, that doctors don't really know all that much about the products being sold over the counter in chemists, and online. 

It's important to seek out a reliable source for your information when searching online for the best chemicals to use on your skin, so take a look at this Wikipedia page on skin whitening, and also this list of the top 20 skin whitening agents.

There are quite a lot of alternatives to hydroquinone containing creams, and these medications need to be taken off the market, with doctors informed of the perfectly adequate alternatives that exist in over the counter or non-prescription creams. 

It will likely take years of legal paperwork to show that the side effects and risks to the health of patients outweigh the potential benefits to those patients of having a more even skin tone, even if the evidence clearly shows that is the case, and that a safe and effective alternative already exists. 

The alternative treatment to hydroquinone is an over the counter medication that is safe, effective, and affordable, without any harmful side effects, and you can find it by taking a look through this site, and in the pages that link off this page.

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