Saturday, 5 July 2014

How To Bleach Birthmarks

How Do You Get Rid Of Birthmarks?

A birthmark is something that many people are born with, and live with for their entire lives, as it's a part of their DNA. 

You can't get rid of it exactly, but you can do some things to cover it up. If makeup is becoming tiresome, then you might want to try a skin bleaching treatment. 

There are some things you need to know about it, for example, if you have really dark skin, or a really dark birthmark, you may need to bleach the area completely white, and if the rest of your body is a different color, you may need to bleach your entire body to match. 

If you have naturally light skin and one dark patch, you can get away with bleaching one area, such as the face, or even just the birthmark itself. 

A good skin whitening cream will gradually lighten the area it's applied to, increasing in effect the longer and more frequently the product is used. 

If you stop doing the treatments, the original color will return, as the new skin cells grow and replace the old ones. 

What Chemicals Are Best For Skin Bleaching?

The best active ingredients to look for in a skin lightening cream are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite FSH, and kojic acid.

Some chemicals to avoid are mercury and hydroquinone, as these have bad side effects when used over a long period of time.

Another thing to avoid is products that suggest you can get results from swallowing a pill, or doing an injection.

You should avoid buying a product made in a country that doesn't have strict quality regulations set by government like the FDA in the United States.

Which Product Works The Best?

This blog may be a little biased, but it is promoting one of the best brands on the market, an American company called Tonique Skin Care, who specialize in skin whitening products, and have been giving thousands of customers the results they've been looking for for over ten years. 

Simply visit the site, and take a look at the products page, you can buy the different items individually, or you can get a package deal which has everything you need for months of treatments in one great deal. 

If you have any questions, contact the support team at, they will help you work out what to buy, and how to apply the products to get the results you're looking for. 

Include a photo so they can get a better idea of what your birthmark looks like and where it's located. You do have to be a bit careful when applying these powerful creams close to the eyes and other sensitive areas. 

Once you pay by credit card through the buttons next to the product you want to purchase, it will be sent out within a few weeks, and you can start your bleaching treatment at home. 

The results won't happen overnight, but within a few weeks, you should have a noticeable change in your skin color, and within a few months, the birthmark should be gone, or barely visible, if you follow the instructions, and you can maintain the results for the rest of your life with regular applications of the cream.

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