Thursday, 10 April 2014

Best Natural Skin Whitening Treatments

Skin whitening is a highly sought after treatment these days to lighten skin tone and even up the skin complexion.

While there are many expensive products and treatment methods, not all of them are effective. You can get safe and effective chemical creams through a site like Tonique, (see the sidebar for more information).

If you're looking for powerful results, that's what you need, but not all brands are as trustworthy as them, and not all products are made in the USA like them, passing the FDA regulations.

Instead of relying on chemical products that can be harsh on your skin, natural food products can whiten your skin to a small extent without any side effects.

Here is a list of time tested natural ingredients coming right from your kitchen which can be easily used for skin whitening. Read on to learn some natural tips for skin whitening, and if you find that these treatments aren't effective enough, check out the Tonique Skin Care site for more powerful results.

Beauty Secrets Of Lemon 

Lemon: Lemon is an effective skin exfoliator and a natural skin whitening ingredient.  When applied to skin after cleansing the area, it sloughs away dead skin cells. Simply apply lemon juice over the face, carefully avoiding the eye area and it will naturally whiten your skin.

Leave the lemon juice on your face and wash way after 5 min or much less in case of tingling. The only disadvantage would be a tingling sensation and dry skin if used alone. The alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) in lemon dissolves the dead skin and outer layer of skin cells.

Applying lemon juice increases circulation and encourages new cell growth. The effect of lemon can be enhanced by applying mild steam.

Skin Whitening With Honey 

Honey: Honey is another natural bleaching agent that can whiten your skin and remove skin discolorations. Facial skin often gets a tan when exposed to sun and honey is highly effective in removing such skin tan.

Fuller's earth and honey can mixed in equal quantity to make a thick paste. Apply all over the face. Allow it to dry and remove with cold water. Results begin to appear when used consistently.

Tomato  For Soft And Supple Skin

Tomato: Tomato has a bleaching effect on skin. Gently rub a slice of chilled tomato on your face. Let the juice to stay on for about 5min and wash away with cold water. Apply a good moisturizer to your face in case of skin dryness. It also adds an instant glow to your face.

Beauty properties of Almonds

Almonds: Almonds can do wonders by whitening and brightening your skin. Soak almonds for 5 to 6 hours or alternatively soak them overnight.  Blend the almonds in milk to make a thick paste. Gently spread the mix over your face and allow it to dry. Wash away with tap water. Good results can be obtained in 2-3 weeks time. You'll be amazed at the beautiful complexion!

Beauty secrets of Yogurt 

Yogurt: Lactic acid in yogurt has a true bleaching effect and is deal for all skin types. When used as face masks, yogurt can moisturize, exfoliate and whiten your skin. Make a thick paste of yogurt and oatmeal and gently apply on to your skin. Leave on for 10 min and wash away with lukewarm water. Significant change in complexion can occur with regular use for few weeks.

Get Beautiful with Papaya

Papaya: Papain in papaya promotes skin renewal and faster cell turnover. Hence, it is a major ingredient in skin whitening products. It reduces freckles and age spots. Mash ripe papaya in a bowl and apply on to your face evenly. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water. Pat dry and you will feel the difference just after one application.

From now on simply choose natural ways for skin whitening. So what are you waiting for? Start with your natural skin whitening treatment from today. These simple and natural tips can really help you whiten your skin without spending a fortune!


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