Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How Can A Black Person Become White?


How To Get Lighter Skin As A Dark Skinned Person

Black people for many reasons search for ways to get lighter skin, due to cultural reasons, personal reasons, or perhaps due to inperfections, white patches or scars on their face or hands.

This habit is very common in Hollywood, because if a casting manager says they want a lighter skinned black person, that's just what they want, because of this percentage more viewers they work out it may get, from a mostly white audience.

Tina McGee is one memorable example of a black actress who decided to become white
in Hollywood through skin whitening treatments. She has acted in the Film “Boy Meets World”.

Most of the Black actresses bleach their skin white in Hollywood to
look fair. Michael Jackson, the famous pop star has undergone skin
whitening treatments to become white from Black.

Other celebrities include Samy Sosa, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Tempest
Bledsoe and Rihanna etc.

Skin whitening treatments are becoming very popular today, but various treatments have existed
for more than a thousand years.

If you want to find out more about it, check out the site by clicking on the photo of the jar of cream in the sidebar.

Is White Skin Better?

This question is a bit racist but the real fact is that black people
feel less comfortable and confident about their dark skin tone.

Several studies reveal that black people, gay people, overweight and
obese people are looked in a different way. This is the way the
society operates and it’s hard to change.

Children also perceive black people as ugly. These racist comments about
black people will always exist but there are solutions to become white if you have white spots as he did, or if you just feel a little too black in a white society.

Michael Jackson is the best case study of a black man transforming to
white. He had vitiligo and used a hydroquinone based skin
whitening cream to become white. There are better chemicals with less side effects.

How To Safely Whiten Skin

Safety comes first when you bleach your skin white. Hence take extreme
care while undergoing a skin whitening treatment.

Skin whitening treatment is done for people to remove spots in their
skin with scars, freckles and birthmarks. Avoid using hydroquinone
content based skin creams and skin whitening treatment.

If you are using a skin whitening cream, check for hydroquinone,
mercury or other poisonous chemical in the ingredients list. If you
find any of these ingredients, stop using the cream.

Always use brands that are trustworthy and following the regulations
and guidelines of the medical council in America. Use creams always
with a subscription. Tonique Skin Care is a reliable brand based in
Baltimore, MA.

The cream has no side effects and has been in the field for many
years. It contains glycolic acid, arbutin, FSH as the active
ingredients which makes it safe. Visit the company’s facebook page to
get tips on skin whitening. Drop a mail to sales@toniqueskincare for
your queries about the product.

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