Saturday, 15 December 2012

How To Make Your Skin White

I will start of this article by talking about the reasons why you might want to bleach your skin, as this is an important thing to consider.

There are many different skin conditions that people get, that they might want to cover up. For example, you might have freckles, age spots or liver spots, moles, birthmarks, scars, acne marks, pregnancy marks, chafing marks, or dark patches of skin caused by other reasons.

You may also simply want to make your skin lighter for cosmetic purposes, as it is fashionable in some countries to have pale skin. Whatever the reason, it's important to get it right the first time, and to not rush into trying chemical products that may have harsh side effects.

I will start by talking about the homemade natural remedies that you can use on your skin, that have a mild bleaching effect.

Natural Skin Whitening Remedies

You can use some of these homemade skin whitening tips to make your skin white, although they may not work all that well straight away, and take time to have an effect, if they have any at all.

Lemon juice, lime juice, pineapple juice and orange juice all contain vitamin C, which can have some effect on making your skin lighter in tone, and can even out freckles, or make them less noticeable.

Some other alternative skin whitening treatments involve cucumber juice, tomato juice, turmeric, honey, almond paste, and potato skins.

Most of these things are not very effective, and the only thing which is known to have a very mild effect is the vitamin C, although if you're trying to cover up a big red patch on your face, or turn your skin from brown to white overnight, you may be disappointed.

Chemical Skin Whitening Treatments

If you want to get real results quickly, and do it in a safe way without too many side effects, you may want to use a skin whitening cream containing arbutin, which is a very effective chemical that is the strongest FDA approved active ingredient that you can get without a prescription.

You can see a doctor and get a more potent cream containing hydroquinone, although it's not recommended that you use that for longer than a few weeks at a time, and that chemical has side effects such as thinning of the skin, and rashes.

The safest and most effective chemical to make your skin white quickly and without any nasty side effects is arbutin, but you still need the right advice on how to use it with your individual skin.

Everyone has different skin, so the directions for use will be different for someon who has white skin and has freckles, and someone who has dark skin and has hypo-pigmentation.

That's why you need to talk to the experts in the field, and not buy some cheap cream you find on an Asian website, that you find out later has mercury in it.

It's important to research a company carefully, and find one that has a good support team to give advice on a case by case basis, to suit the needs of the individual, and that has been around for years, without any complaints. Check the link above for more details.

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