Monday, 3 June 2013

Safe Use Of Skin Lightening Creams

Skin Lightening Safety

There are many different products out there that have a claim to be able to bleach your skin safely, but not all of them are safe, and so it's important to know what to look for when shopping for a safe skin whitening cream.

The first thing you should beware of is products containing mercury, and it may not always be apparent that they do contain the substance, they may not even have the active ingredients listed on the site.

Those products containing mercury were cheap products made in Africa and Asia, and most of them have been pulled from production, but there are still some floating around, so you have to be careful.

It's important to do your research on a brand carefully, or the chemicals used in the cream. For example, even a cream prescribed by a doctor can have terrible side effects.

Hydroquinone creams have been prescribed for years, but the bad side effects of long term use have also been known for years.

Some countries have banned the sale of the product, while in other countries it's only prescribed in rare situations and the results and application are carefully monitored.

Another type of skin whitening substance that you should avoid is anything that claims to whiten your skin by you taking a pill orally.

You cannot bleach your skin white by taking a pill, and if you could, then it couldn't be very good for you, in fact it would probably kill you in the process.

The Best Skin Bleaching Methods

The best way to bleach or whiten your skin safely is to use a combination of arbutin, and alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid. 

These chemicals have been used for years over the counter and there have been few if any bad side effects to report, so long as people are very careful to follow the application instructions to the letter. 

Arbutin is the substance that hydroquinone is derived from, but it is much weaker and so has less side effects, and when combined with glycolic acid in the right percentage, it creates a cream which can be used safely and effectively for the lifetime of the user. 

The effects of the cream are relatively permanent, but you will need to reapply the product every few months, as new skin cells are always growing to replace the old ones, and this results in your skin naturally returning to it's original color. 

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Once you get there, have a talk to the helpful support staff and find out everything you need to know about how to apply the cream, how much it will cost, and what are the results that you can expect over time. 

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