Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Natural Face Masks For Skin Whitening

Every woman loves to have a fair and glowing skin. Achieving a soft and supple skin is indeed possible with the help of natural face masks.

Regular use of face masks helps a great deal for whitening the skin. Read on to learn about the effective face masks for skin whitening.

Face masks are essential to wash away dirt and grime; and other day to day damage our skin undergoes when exposed to sun, stress and pollution.

Cosmetic market is often loaded with tonnes of new brands with several chemicals. Allergies with chemical ingredients are a possibility too.

Therefore to avoid harming your skin with chemical based cosmetics simply go for natural beauty treatments.

With homemade face masks, you can easily forget about getting appointments, time and money at the local spa.  Quality skin whitening masks can be made at home with very little effort.

If you are wondering how, here are the details on how to make face masks for skin whitening at home.

Before you start it is important that you cleanse your skin well. So go ahead and try out the natural skin whitening face masks described below:

Cucumber and Lemon juice Face Mask:

Cucumber is an ideal skin cleanser.  Adding it to lemon juice can reduce the tingling caused by lemon. Mix equal quantity of cucumber and lemon juice in a bowl. 

Into it, add a spoonful of egg white. Stir well and the mixture is ready for use.  Take a piece of cotton and dab on to your face. Leave for about 15 min and wash away.

Milk Powder Face Mask:

Milk powder face mask can extremely rejuvenate your face.  Make a mask with two spoonfuls of milk powder and water. Mix it to make a thick paste.  Apply well to your face with a brush.  Let dry completely and wash away with warm water.

Yogurt Face Mask:

Yogurt can cleanse n’ moisturize the skin and alleviate acne problems. Reach out to your pantry and simply slather some plain white yogurt on to your skin. For more rejuvenating face mask, blend some sulky strawberries with the yogurt. Spread them on to your face and wash off after 15 min.

Egg and Honey Face Mask:

Egg and honey face packs are beast for women with normal skin tone. Beat an egg in a bowl and mix with a spoonful of honey. Slather the mixture on to your face and wait for the mask to dry. Simple rinse the face and you will be thrilled to feel the whole new glow of your face.

Pineapple and Papaya Face Mask:

Face masks made out of these tropical fruits are ideal to slough away dead skin cells and get back the natural glow. If you are worrying about the mild tingling caused, stop worrying. It is due to the pineapple used in the mask.

Blend few slices of papaya and one small slice of pineapple in a blender. Spread the mask on to your face and just relax for 15 min. Wash way with cold water.

From now on simply use any of these skin whitening and glowing face mask to regain the glow of your natural skin.  With regular use radiant and glowing skin can be yours in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Go start with your natural beauty treatments today!

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