Monday, 7 December 2015

Skin Lightening And Anti Aging Facial Scrubs

The environment as we know it is not very friendly to our skin especially on the sensitive areas such the face. Spending long hours outside exposed to direct sunlight and polluted environment usually hurts your skin significantly. Lack of good skin care is also another factor that contributes to poor skin complexion.

However, you do not have to worry anymore since there is no mystery that does not have a solution. Here I am going to discuss some natural homemade remedies that can help to take care of your skin, lightening or evening out your skin tone and exfoliating and making you look younger. They are easily available in many households thus they do not cost a fortune.

Sugar facial scrub

Other than being used as a sweetener in many drinks, sugar can also be used for skin treatment. You only have to rub fine sugar on your face with your fingertips gently in circular motion just before going into the shower. Make sure that you have rubbed every part of your face and neck to avoid skipping some areas. You can repeat this process once per week to avoid overusing the sugar scrub.

Oatmeal facial scrub

Make a paste by mixing powdered oatmeal, honey and milk powder. Smear the paste gently on the areas you want to treat and leave it for a couple of minutes. You can now scrub off the paste gently using loofah then rinse it off with cold water. To treat areas with tougher skin such as the knees and elbows, you can add granular sugar to make the scrub more effective.

Sunflower seed face scrub

Soak some flower seeds overnight to soften them. Then grind them and add some yogurt to make a fine paste. Add some saffron and then apply the paste on your face rubbing it in circular motions. Wait for about half an hour for the paste to dry and wash it away with warm water.

Tea dust and gram flour scrub

You can make a scrub by mixing tea dust and gram flour with milk cream in equal portions. This scrub is not recommended for sensitive areas such as the face but works best on areas that are less sensitive such as the elbows and knees.

Honey and almonds scrub

Honey is also known as beauty wonder. If you apply almonds and honey on the skin together, they can give you unbelievable results. This scrub exfoliates and eliminates dead cells thus leaving you with a glowing moisturized skin.

To make the scrub soak almonds and blend them to make a fine paste. Add a few drops of honey to the paste and apply it on the areas you want to treat.

Almond oil has a great history of its excellent performance on the skin and also enhances blood circulation. For generations, almond oil has had numerous uses including during gentle massage, removing marks and uneven pigmentation.

Tomato Scrub

Tomato is widely used in many beauty products as a whitening ingredient. It is very rich in vitamin C also known ascorbic acid that is a great skin whitener. Crush a tomato to make a fine paste and add some drops of rose water. Use a soft brush to apply the mixture on your face. Wait for a while then wash your face with cold water to remove the paste.

The natural scrubs require a lot of patience since they take quite some time before the results showing up. Also, the natural remedies do not have much to offer because they only have a mild whitening or anti aging effect. However, they can significantly improve your look by making your skin look more healthy.

Safety is the other thing that the natural remedies guarantee you since they are all natural thus there are no chances of bad side effects. However, if you find that you want noticeable results quickly, you might want to try a chemical skin lightening cream. See the sidebar for details on the Tonique Skin Care range of products, check out the best anti aging skin cream on the market, or browse Amazon. 

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