Thursday, 22 September 2016

Tips For A Lighter Skin

Skin lightening also referred to as skin brightening, whitening, or bleaching, is the process of treating your skin with certain chemicals which either bleach it, or alter the pigmentation. 

For a better understanding on how skin lightening creams work it’s good to have an insight on what causes the darkening of the skin. 

The skin produces a compound known as melanin which is responsible for skin pigmentation. Once the skin lightening cream is applied on your skin the active ingredients such as arbutin usually inhibits melanin production thus giving you the appearance of a lighter skin. 

However, since the creams provide a temporary effect you need to treat you skin regularly to maintain a long term effect, about once a week, depending on how light an appearance you want to maintain. There are many natural remedies for making your skin lighter, but they usually take a long time to see any results, if any. 

One of the best skin lightening creams on the market today are those from Tonique Skin Care. Tonique's products can either be bought on this site or at  

Being based in Maryland USA, Tonique is subject to FDA restrictions thus their products are effective and safe for human use. The clients who have used Tonique skin care products before are always satisfied with the result they get and the effectiveness of the creams thus you can find a lot of positive testimonials on the internet. 

Tonique skin care correction is composed of all kinds of skin care creams and lotion that will help you get a lighter and more beautiful skin. The chemicals sold here contain active ingredients such as FSH and glycolic acid which can work wonders to give you a fair skin tone without posing any threat.

The skin care creams sold here are easy to apply thus you do not need to undergo some form of special treatment to realize the results you were looking for. Every package comes with some simple instructions on how to apply the cream on your skin.

How To Apply Skin Lightening Cream

Once you buy your skin treatment cream you need to wash your skin with warm to open the skin pores for easier nutrients penetration and to remove dirt as well. You will have to exfoliate your skin to remove the upper layer of dead cells and the accumulated body oils. 

You can use the exfoliating creams sold by skin renews to ensure that you have used an effective and safe exfoliating creams. After exfoliation, rinse your skin with warm and clean water and the dry it by patting with a soft cloth.  

Avoid rubbing the exfoliated skin to avoid damaging the live skin cells that have been left behind. At this point you can now apply the skin brightening cream by rubbing it gently in circular motion using the tip of your finger. You need to ensure that you have applied just enough cream to saturate your skin.

You should understand that unlike other skin whitening methods that gives you results overnight, lightening your skin with skin care creams is a gradual process. You should be patient since significant results will start showing up in a couple of weeks to several months. 

When applying the skin lightening cream always ensure that you have covered all body parts. Some of the parts that most individuals usually forget when applying the creams are behind the ears, around the elbow and around the neck. If you leave some parts untreated you will have patches of dark skin which is not uniform with the rest of the body making you look ridiculous. 

What Can You Expect?

The results you get depends on your skin type thus you need to ensure that you have bought the right skin cream for your skin. People with extremely dark may need to use more powerful skin care creams to realize results. On the other hand, the light skinned individuals will see results quickly by using a less powerful cream. 

After you see some results you need to maintain the frequency of applications of the cream(s), to maintain the results. If you stop applying the cream, your skin starts developing new pigmented cells that restores it to its initial condition. You should also note that light skin is very sensitive to environmental conditions thus you need to take safety precautions to prevent the exposed live cells from getting damaged. 

Stay away from direct sunlight since it contains UV rays that might destroy your skin. In case you need to spend some time on the beach always wear sun screen, sunglasses and hat to protect your skin. 

Anyway, if you want to lighten your skin with chemicals, try Tonique Skin Care, and they also sell anti aging products on 

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