Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Problems With Skin Whitening Products

Problems With Skin Whitening 

Over the years, there have been many different treatments devised to whiten or bleach the skin, in fact it goes back to the days of the Ancient Egyptians. 

It's always been popular in Asia to have light skin, seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity, as the woman (or man) who had light skin obviously had it because they did not have to work out in the fields all day. 

In America, African Americans are bleaching their skin a lot more often, and this photo above shows how sometimes the effects can turn out less than attractive. 

In other cases such as on Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj, you could say that the results were fairly well done, in fact most people didn't even notice that the stars had undertaken such a treatment, even though it had obvious effects, and they did it while in the public eye. 

Yeah, that's right, these big stars definitely did lighten their skin, it's obvious if you look at before and after photos, and it's quite a major change. 

It's surprising that more people don't talk about it, but I guess it happened so gradually, and also happened before they were hugely famous, so it went unnoticed by the tabloids for the most part, although of course some picked up on it. 

Do people really care if someone has darker or lighter skin? Well, it only really makes a difference if it makes them look bad, and in some cases, using the wrong cream in the wrong way can definitely make you look bad. 

Dangerous Skin Bleaching Products

As I explained in an earlier article, the dangers of skin bleaching products can be quite severe, if you're unlucky enough to get had by some of the less reputable brands, operating from Asian countries where the regulations are lacking.

Some of these companies put things like mercury and hydroquinone in their creams, which have been shown to be incredibly bad for the skin, and for the whole body generally. 

You can't swallow a pill or take an injection to get whiter skin, but there is more than one brand on the market claiming that you can. 

There hasn't been enough testing done on over the counter chemicals being used in ways they were not originally made for to say whether they will kill you, give you cancer, or cause your skin to fall off if you take them for thirty years. 

We are in a stage of technology where there are too many chemicals being sold all over the world for scientists to keep up to date with what is poisonous and what isn't. 

The internet makes it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to sell anything to anyone anywhere else in the world, so it's quite hard to know who to trust. 

But, here's how you might try to check out the integrity of a company, if you're planning to buy. First, do a who is lookup on the domain name of a company. 

This will tell you a few details like how long the domain has been registered, and you want to find one that has been around for years obviously. 

You then want to thoroughly check out all of the negative reviews if there are any, doing searches such as problems with this brand or that brand, and other keywords like side effects, dangers, etc. 

You should find out the active ingredients in the product, (the company in the sidebar uses arbutin and glycolic acid in their creams), and check them out on reputable sites like Wikipedia or in a medical journal

The internet is not completely reliable, so you may also want to talk to your doctor, your pharmacist, and even your priest or religious leader, as bleaching your skin is quite a major change, and you should think carefully about it, and research it well before you jump into a serious life decision such as this. 

If you are planning on doing this however, and you have done all of these things I've talked about, click on the photo link at the top of the sidebar. This will lead you to the Skin Whitening Tips Facebook page. 

From there, you can read more about the whole process in the articles posted regularly on the page, and also visit the main site, where you can talk to the experts on skin whitening, and how to do it properly.

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