Thursday 25 July 2013

The Skin Bleaching Trend In Hollywood

Hollywood Stars Bleaching Their Skin 

As you can see from this photo of Beyonce, she looks very different now, after obviously having had a skin bleaching treatment done. 

Some other famous Hollywood stars who have had similar lightening treatments include Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and of course Michael Jackson

Michael had a skin condition called hypo-pigmentation, which causes large patches of white skin, or skin without any pigment on his dark skin. 

He wasn't dark for long when he started taking a prescribed cream containing hydroquinone. We now know that this chemical is not safe for long term use, and has terrible side effects. 

A safer alternative to this chemical is arbutin, and some other safe active ingredients used in skin whitening creams that can be bought over the counter, (or over the internet), include glycolic acid, kojic acid, and sepiwhite FSH. 

For mild effects, you can try using household items like lemon juice, ginger, and turmeric, but to get results that are noticeable quickly, you will need to use a chemical product. 

Why Are Hollywood Stars Bleaching Their Skin?

With most of the celebrities I mentioned, (and many others), they are African-Americans who had naturally dark skin, but wanted to look lighter for commercial reasons. 

What I mean by that is that it is well known in show business circles that a really black African-American will not be as popular in the general audience of music buyers, TV watchers, and movie goers. 

That's not to say that there aren't really famous black people with very dark skin, but studies have found that the mostly white audience feels more comfortable watching their news read by an African-American who "talks white", and also looks a lighter shade of brown. 

I'm not being racist here, or suggesting that people are racist as a whole, but generally speaking, people do have this prejudice, even if it's just subconscious. 

It is a big decision to make to whiten your skin, and you need to get it done right, with expert advice and support, using the highest quality products, with a name you can trust. 

Tonique have been making and selling skin whitening cream for many years, and you can count on them to give you the right instructions for use to get the results you're looking for. 

If you are really white already, but just have a dark patch you want to get rid of, you will only need to bleach that direct area, or the whole face, or both arms.

If you are really brown however, you will probably need to bleach your whole body in order to get uniform results that are even. 

Skin bleaching in Hollywood is not a new thing, and as technology gets better, and people get used to the idea, it will probably be a more popular trend. 

There is nothing wrong with making this change, but understand that it is a major change that must be done in the right way, after doing proper research, understanding what you can expect, and finding the right brand of cream to use. 

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