Saturday, 28 September 2013

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars


Remove Your Acne Scars Forever!

It is possible to get rid of of lighten acne scars, or the red skin anyway. The pock marks or indentations in the skin might need laser surgery, or some other type of treatment, but if you are concerned about the red spots and patches left behind after a bad acne breakout in your youth, there is something that can be done about it.

The photo link at the top of the right sidebar is to the Facebook page of Tonique Skin Care, a site that sells a revolutionary product that can bleach or whiten any sort of spot or dark patch on your skin.

It does this through ingredients like arbutin and glycolic acid, which is a chemical skin peeling agent. All active ingredients of the Tonique range are safe, leave no unwanted side effects, and are also very effective.

They work gradually, but the effects are noticeable straight away. Whatever area you apply the cream to becomes whiter and whiter in stages until it is completely white.

The skin repairs itself over time as the new skin cells replace the old, but you can maintain the effects indefinitely by applying again once a month, or as required.

How To Apply The Cream

For light skinned people, you should only have to apply a very small amount to the spot itself, or to the entire face or body part region.

However with dark skinned people, the change in tone to a very light color may mean that you need to apply the cream to the entire body to get a uniform and even result.

You may have seen some very famous people using skin whitening products without knowing it. For example, Michael Jackson was very famous for having turned from black to white in a short amount of time.

This is because he had a skin condition known as vitiligo, or hypo-pigmentation, which causes patches of the skin to lose their pigment.

He had very white patches on his very dark skin, and so the only option to achieve an even looking skin color was to bleach his skin completely white.

Other famous Hollywood stars who have used skin bleaching creams to a lesser extent include Beyonce, Rihanna, Diana Ross, and there are many others, who probably don't wish to be named, or talk about it publicly, but who seem happy with the results.

You could barely tell that they had changed at all, because it happened while they were in the public eye, and nobody seemed to notice, but if you look at a before and after shot of Beyonce, you can see that in earlier photos she was very black, and in later photos, very white.

Getting back to the point of the article, if you have acne scars, red marks on your face and you want to get rid of them, first click on the photo link at the top of the sidebar, like the Facebook page Skin Whitening Tips to get regular ongoing helpful information on the subject, and then visit the site

There, you can either buy one of the products or packages straight away from the buy page, or you can talk to the helpful support staff about what you can expect, and how you should apply the cream to your individual skin type.

You will surely get the results you're looking for, although you should remember that for some people, it may be a profound change, though the process can be reversed if you decide you don't like the new you.


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