Monday, 14 October 2013

Skin Bleaching And Skin Whitening

Reasons For Using A Skin Bleaching Cream

People use skin whitening products for many different reasons, and while all of them could be considered cosmetic reasons, there are some serious skin conditions which really require skin bleaching.

For example, hypo-pigmentation is a condition that causes large white patches, or spots where the skin has no pigment at all. There is a similar condition that is the exact reverse called hyper-pigmentation, where the skin develops spots that have too much melanin.  

Some people have to deal with other types of spots like extreme cases of freckles and acne scarring, while others have burns, stretch marks, birthmarks, and other problems that leave dark, white, or red marks on their skin. 

For these people, it can be very painful just to live each day with a mark that makes them different from everyone else, even if that's only the way they perceive it. 

Everyone is different, and nobody is perfect, but if you feel that you could improve the way you look substantially by covering up uneven skin, or changing your skin color to a lighter shade all over, then you need to find skin whitening products that will work safely. 

How To Find A Safe Skin Whitening Cream

You could take my word for it, and just visit the Tonique Skin Care site, but first, you might want to learn how the active ingredients work. 

Arbutin has been used for a long time without any bad side effects, and products containing it are available over the counter. 

It gradually whitens the skin, and can be applied to a specific area, or the entire body, for a completely even skin color change. 

If you stop using it, the skin will naturally return to it's original color over a number of weeks, as the old skin cells die out and are replaced by new ones. 

Glycolic acid is the other chemical used in the Tonique range, and this is used for chemical skin peeling. 

It causes an immediate change in the skin tone as the lighter lower layer of skin is revealed, and it also helps enhance the effectiveness of the arbutin cream so that it lasts longer, and leaves the skin whiter, sooner. 

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