Sunday, 14 June 2015

Are Homemade Skin Whitening Remedies Effective?

How To Lighten Your Skin Effectively

There are numerous sources of information on the internet that claim that the best and safest way of lightening your skin is by the use homemade natural remedies. However, most of the sources leave out the important factors, such how ineffective these remedies are.

One of the most popular homemade natural remedy is the use of lemon juice to treat your skin. Lemons contain Vitamin C, which can offer a mild skin whitening effect. Other fruits such as pineapples, orange and mangoes also contains Vitamin C; however, they have a weaker whitening effect than lemons.

People lighten their skin for various reasons such as to get rid of uneven skin tone. There are other individuals who whiten their skin to look more attractive and gain fame.

If you decide to use natural products such as lemon juice to lighten your skin, you should always bear in mind that you are not likely to experience any serious transformation. Natural products only yield mild effects no matter how frequently or how long you use them. You should probably go for more powerful skin bleaching products if you are looking for more significant results.

The use of the right chemical bleaching agents is the only way of getting real results quickly. You need to be careful when choosing a skin bleaching cream to make sure you have chosen the right one. The skin whitening products available on the market are all manufactured differently, thus they all have different effects on your skin, and it's very important you get it right, as your skin is one of your most vital organs.

Some of the products that you can rely on are those that contain glycolic acid, a bleaching agent that peel your skin top layer to give you a lighter skin. Other trusted ingredients are arbutin and kojic acid since they are FDA certified, and thus safe for human use.

How To Find The Right Skin Whitening Products

It is important that you check the ingredients contained in any skin treatment product before you start using it. Doing thorough research on the ingredients will provide you a better understanding of how the product works, and from that point you will be able to make a wise decision.

Researching the products online will also help you to determine the credibility of different brands. Good products that have been around a long time will have a lot of positive reviews from the previous customers. Try and avoid products that have no reviews, they may either be new to the market or have a bad reputation.

Products such as those sold by Tonique have great customer reviews, and this is a clear indication that the people who have used them are happy with the results they got. Tonique offer useful information on their official website, and their new site, which educate their customers on the best cream for their skin. 

You can also contact the support team directly through the contact pages, or by emailing and get advice for your individual skin.

People with very dark skin are advised to apply the skin-lightening creams more frequently for their skin to whiten more quickly, and it should be applied all over the body for even results, while lighter skinned people can get away with using the cream on one part of the body, such as the face only.

You should also remember to maintain a steady routine of cream application, to maintain a light skin. If you stop applying the products regularly, your skin starts turning back to its original color since it develops new cells that replace the old cells, which takes perhaps a month or two.

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