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How To Find The Right Skin Whitening Products

Almost each and every person in the world being a man or a woman wants to have a smooth, even, youthful, glowing skin tone. One of the ways to achieve this is by bleaching or lightening your skin, depending on the circumstance.

Unfortunately, the available bleaching options in the market nowadays are too many and vary in quality greatly. The existence of too many options, make individuals confused on deciding which option suits them best, and most don't know the potential dangers of choosing a cheap cream made in Africa.

There are many benefits derived from the use of skin whitening creams such as getting rid of dark spots and skin dis-coloration like birthmarks, or simply making your skin lighter all over. However, you need to make sure that you have used the right chemicals to arrive at the desired results.

If you happen to choose the wrong skin care products, you are likely to suffer some consequences, whether it's just wasting your time and money, or perhaps permanently damaging your skin. Applying the wrong chemicals can really hurt your skin instead of yielding the intended results.

The Dangers Of Using The Wrong Skin Whitening Products

There are some companies that claim that you can lighten your skin by swallowing some pills such as a glutathione capsule, or even taking injections of glutathione. I would advise you to stay away from such pills since they are not safe for human consumption. Such pills that are not FDA approved thus can cause enormous health risks such as kidney failure.

There other skin whitening products that contain hydroquinone as the major bleaching agent. The long-term use of such products can make you develop brown and dark blue bumps and patches on the forehead and cheeks. Apart from causing ochronosis with long term use, hydroquinone is also believed to cause a certain type of skin cancer, which tests on rats have shown.
The sale of products containing this chemical is banned in many countries like the UK, but in the USA, it is still available, even in prescription creams, on the advice of doctors who don't know any better. 

These types of creams are prescribed for conditions such as hypo-pigmentation, or hyper-pigmentation, which causes large patches of skin without pigment, or with too much pigment, but the over the counter options are so much more safe and effective, which I will go into below.

Other products that you should avoid are those containing mercury. Mercury was used in some skin whitening products because it can be very effective in lightening dark spots on the skin. However, the dangers of mercury have long been known. 

Some of the signs of mercury poisoning are gum and mouth inflammation, memory loss, anxiety, and general fatigue. Large quantities in the body can also cause unusual behavioral changes such as unusual shyness, depression, and low esteem among other personalities.

To make the matter worse, excess mercury in the body can result in more complex health conditions such as muscle spasm, tremors, and even kidney problems.
Some countries such as Japan, Australia, UK and France have taken the step of banning all of the skin care products containing these dangerous chemicals, mercury and hydroquinone. These countries banned these products to safeguard the health of their citizens, however, even with these protective measures in place it is fairly easy to buy almost anything on the internet. 

There are numerous black market skin care products available online that can cause very bad side effects if you happen to use them.

How To Buy The Right Skin Whitening Products

The only way to avoid these harmful products is by sourcing your skin care creams from a legitimate supplier that you can trust. Tonique Skin Care is one of the companies that sell safe and efficient skin care products that are FDA approved. They've been selling online for over a decade, and are based in the USA, which you can check. 

You can visit for more information about their skin care products. Tonique guarantees you that their creams will give positive results that are completely safe and free of side effects, which you can maintain over many years, or even a lifetime. 

You can contact them via: to get personalized information on what product to use, and how to apply it on your individual skin to get the results you want.

Choosing the right product does not only yield positive results but can also minimize the time taken to achieve the results, or on the other hand, prevent a lot of pain.

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